Key management for multicast: Issues and architectures.


Wallner, D., E. Harder, and R. Agee. “Key management for multicast: Issues and architectures.” Internet RFC 2627, no. June 1999 (1999).


This report contains a discussion of the difficult problem of key management for multicast communication sessions.  It focuses on two main areas of concern with respect to key management, which are, initializing the multicast group with a common net key and rekeying the multicast group.  A rekey may be necessary upon the compromise of a user or for other reasons (e.g., periodic rekey).  In particular, this report identifies a technique which allows for secure compromise recovery, while also being robust against collusion of excluded users.  This is one important feature of multicast key management which has not been addressed in detail by most other multicast key management proposals [1,2,4].  The benefits of this proposed technique are that it minimizes the number of transmissions required to rekey the multicast group and it imposes minimal storage requirements on the multicast group.


Work done by interns Kiran Kedlaya, Noam Shazeer, and Salil Vadhan at NSA Director’s Summer Program 1995.

See also: Cryptography
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