I am a member of Harvard's Theory of Computation research group and also lead Harvard's Privacy Tools Project.  My research areas include computational complexity, cryptography, randomness in computation, and data privacy. This fall I taught CS 229r: Spectral Graph Theory in Computer Science.

My regular office hours for Spring 2021 are Mondays 12:30-1:30 and Thursdays 11-12 (Eastern time). See the "Upcoming Events" below for any changes and zoom links. If you need to meet at a time outside of office hours, please contact my faculty coordinator Allison Choat <achoat@seas.harvard.edu>.

My 2012 monograph on Pseudorandomness is on my former website.

See FAQ with answers to common inquiries (including reference letters, graduate admissions, advising, internal and external service, appointments, and refereeing) and information on contacting me.